British Hospitals with the Serbs (3)

No 38 General Hospital went on arrival to a site selected by the French medical authorities at Thermi (Θέρμη then Sedhes), but shortly afterwards was moved to a site near Pylaia (Πυλαία then Kapudzilar) village. It received sick from the Serbian depots at Mikra Bay. No 41 General Hospital was established at Shamli (Σιαμλή) on the right bank of the Galliko (the ancient Εχέδωρος – Echedoros) river on the Monastir road near the railway and road bridges. Shamli was an abandoned old Turkish estate (ciftlik).

The positions of 38 (right) and 41 (left) General Hospitals in an old and a modern map

38 and 41

38 and 41 Now.resized

Photos from the visit of French Minister of Health Justin Godart at 41 Hospital (Sept 1917)

41 British Hospital in Samli

41 in Samli

41 Samli




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